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The world celebrated with the development of Artificial Intelligence in the middle of the twenty-first century and established a robot singularity. In order to create an elite standard of living, most jobs were replaces with these robots. After the discovery that the uncountable could not be coerced, the armies of robots that inhabited every part of the workforce were recalled and replaced by a robot force that was tethered by a single computer run by the central government. The Agency that once protected the nation from malicious foreign influences was turned inward and trained to hunt and eliminate the

members of the robot singularity.  Many years later, enthralled in a government conspiracy to destabilize the sovereign nations of the Americas in order to create a world government, a lone robot disappears with a dangerous antigen stolen from a government laboratory. Believing that the robot had been hacked by a terrorist group, the Agency was brought in to find it. Unable to locate the robot, the agency must hire Bob Sags, a retired agent turned person finder, to track down and

eliminate the wayward robot. During his investigation when things do not add up, Bob is declared an enemy of the state and becomes hunted. It becomes a race against time when Bob realizes that the only way to clear his name is to find the robot before the Agency does.

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