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Author J. Scot Witty presents a kinetic and novel fairy-tale of courage and perseverance to inspire readers of all ages. The Knight of Hibernia is riddled with themes of friendship, loyalty, love, brotherhood, perseverance, and family.

A fantastical book that deals with a knighthood, bandits, witches, invaders, and wild creatures.  Witty’s book is now available in audiobook format. The book narration is voiced by Joy Gerken with a length of 6 hours and 54 minutes. Highly recommended for varied fiction enthusiasts who want to enjoy this colourful tale of Dar LaCross.


Be in awe by this critically –acclaimed fantasy and reality book rolled into one, to inspire readers to follow their dreams. The audiobook format will allow readers to experience the settings in the novel that are wonderfully depicted. The beautiful descriptions of the Land of Hibernia are very descriptive. The valleys, mountains, rivers, and the untamed world are extremely real, and the villages and towns seem very accurate to those points in history.


Meet the young boy named Dar LaCross from Cornwall who decides to pursue his dreams and do great things in his life, La Cross joined the famous Knights of Hibernia, and travels to the ancient lands of Hibernia. He meets a woman named Fayette, who is on a mission for the Duchess of the Eamhain, to warn the Duchess of an impending invasion. Fayette convinces Dar to help her cross the wilds of the Marche to reach Eamhain before it is too late. Hunted by the invaders, Dar and Fayette must use their wit and skill to cross the wilderness of an untamed world. As they learn to work together, bandits, witches, invaders, and the creatures of the deep forest stand between them and the castle at Eamhain many miles away. Searching for a way through the wilderness, Dar and Fayette discover the means to reach their goal in each other. As they race against time, they must reach the Duchess and warn her before the next attack.


The magic and the lore in the novel are engaging, the book’s fantastical elements were refreshing and seamless. The tale of Dar La Cross is a great homage to man’s search for undying love, discovering new quest as he starts his journey to self-discovery.


Get to know more about Dar La Cross’s journey and the lessons of perseverance despite not being appreciated. Witty said: “If you have a dream, stick with it and keep at it. And never give up on that dream.”

The Knight of Hibernia

Product details

Publisher‏: ‎ Bookwhip Company (January 5, 2021)

Language‏: ‎ English

Paperback‏: ‎ 170 pages

ISBN-10‏: ‎ 1953537065

ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-1953537065

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