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J. Scot Witty's Biography


An adventurous soul having hiked across the United States in his early life, J. Scot Witty became rooted in ideas rather than places. With a fascination for words, storytelling became second nature at a young age. Using his rampant imagination, he has created new worlds in his writing with a strong focus and preoccupation with character building. Currently living in Ithaca NY, when not writing, Witty enjoys time with his wife and children, and playing fantasy role-playing games with the local children at the elementary schools.

During his thirty-five-year tenure as a small business owner and manager, Witty has developed a strong passion for storytelling and became a game master. Witty’s actual life experiences, journeys, and adventures fuel an unwavering creative story and it is from here that the writing launches. Out of his love of world history and study for many years, he became a teacher and is now a member of the Writers Guild of America. Witty views history through the lens of myth, legend, and wonder. It is with this magic that he enjoys expressing the ideal that anything in life is possible. The struggle to answer the mystery of man’s own potential and how it can easily go awry drives his writing.

With his stories dealing mostly with the relationships of the characters and how they relate to each other, Witty hopes to effectively show how unity can still be achieved in diversity. “As much as Americans in the U.S. would like to think that we are a melting pot of cultures, we have become quite galvanized in the question of us vs them instead.” Through his novels, Witty hopes to inspire hope and change as he is consistently involved with how to make a difference in today’s environmental and socioeconomic issues.

By J. Scot Witty

The Hibernia Chronicles

The Knight of Hibernia (2018)(2021)

Of Whom Fortune Favors (2018)(2022)

The Rose and the Sword (2019)

The Prisoner of Hibernia (2024)

Fairest of them All: Will Robots Miss Us When We Are Gone (2021)

A Dystopian sci-fi thriller about a robot on the run with a terrible secret.

Lurker in the Dark (2023)

1920s Murder Mystery that takes place in Central New York. Wacky fiction based on a true unsolved mystery.

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